Rewriting old content

Last week I finished rewriting copy for African Travel Gateway, an operator that specialises in African travel with tours and safaris. The pieces that I rewrote were on ‘Luxury train travel in South Africa‘ and focused on the three train services – The Blue Train, Shongololo Express and Rovos Rail.

Rewriting content is, to me, more than just moving sentences around. I also spend time on the web looking up information on the trains and their services to see whether I can add a bit of new and fresh to the old content. I also look at ways to say what needs to be said even better.

I found this a very rewarding commission and look forward to doing more rewrites.






The best time to visit the Kruger National Park

I’ve recently been doing some writing for an old friend at Dirty Boots, an outstanding adventure activity guide that has been around for more than a decade. It comes out as an annual print DL-book and over the years their website content has developed substantially to give people the option of a print or online reference. Johan gave me a call last week to see whether I’d be available to do some writing for them as their writer has immigrated.

Dirty Boots content is generally short snippets related to activities, operators or locations and for now we’re focused on website content. I look forward to copy editing and writing content for the 2018 edition of the book later this year.

Johan’s first company and website, started some 23 years ago – long before Dirty Boots, was African Travel Gateway, which is managed by Howard. Johan connected me with Howard to write content for him too and this morning I submitted my first piece, a 1300-word article on ‘The best time to visit the Kruger National Park’.

I enjoyed putting this together as it meant time spent online researching different aspects of the park. I haven’t been to Kruger in many, many years so I enjoyed reading up on the regions, animals, birds and flora.

If you’re thinking about heading to Kruger, read my article on the African Travel Gateway website.

Tim Leatherman to visit Cape Union Mart Stores

Thirty years ago, whilst on a nine-month trip around Europe and the Middle East with his wife, Tim Leatherman, repeatedly attempted to repair their car and faulty hotel plumbing using his simple pocket knife.  What he really needed was an additional tool with firm grip to hold, bend and compress objects. He began sketching and by 1983 Leatherman’s first “Boy Scout knife with pliers” was launched as a mail-order product. 33-years later, the Leatherman multi-purpose tool is a household name.

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