Adventure Film Challenge 2017

This piece was re-worked from a past release sent to me by my client. I included additional content and gave the whole thing a facelift.


Waterproof, onboard, compact and wearable, the advent of personal point-of-view digital cameras and a wide range of video editing software and apps has enabled adventure aficionados to create films of exceptional quality. Cape Union Mart’s Adventure Film Challenge invites these enthusiasts to submit their films by the end of June for this annual competition. Continue reading


Gallopers Athletics Club fundraising event

This was a fun piece to write as I know trail-running star Lucky Miya. This release below is not the final-final version. There were a few elements that I queried, which the client needed to confirm before sending out.

Lucky Miya to host fundraising 15km & 5km road run/walk in March

K-Way athlete Lucky Miya is a trail-running star with a road pedigree. Four years ago he put his experience towards creating the community-orientated Gallopers Athletics Club in the Phumula Township near Leondale. On Sunday 19 March 2017, the club is hosting their first event, the K-Way Gallopers 15km & 5km Road Run/Walk.

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Backpack product content

From commuter packs to backpacks, this was a more media-focused piece that highlights a bunch of key products. My version below was not the final-final version. There were a few elements that I queried, which the client would have amended after consultation with the relevant people.

Technical products are designed to withstand vigorous activities in conditions that range from sub-zero to blisteringly hot. Cape Union Mart’s in-house brand K-Way specialises in daypacks and backpacks from days hikes to high mountain expeditions. Tested in extreme conditions on the highest peaks in the world, K-Way’s technical backpacks and daypacks include key features of ripstop fabrics, rain covers, waterproof fabrics, YKK zips, hydration system compatibility, sternum straps, waistbelts, padded shoulder straps and side compression straps.

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Commuter bag product content

My year started with product-focused content, like this lifestyle piece on commuter packs.

In addition to backpacks, daypacks and hydration packs for hiking, mountain biking and trail running, Cape Union Mart includes a wide range of K-Way bags for the commuter, business person, student and traveller. With over-the-shoulder messenger, backpack, laptop and roller-luggage styles, K-Way has stylish and durable bags for every South African. 

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Skyrun 2016

Post-race releases are always more fun that pre-event releases as the former include battle stories from participants. The K-Way team did very well and Nicolette’s result is exceptional.

Team K-Way rocked the podium at the 2016 Skyrun

The annual 100 kilometre Skyrun has become a challenging ultra-distance trail run. It takes place every November across the Witteberg mountains, on the Lesotho border. These are fierce mountains where participants may experience scorching temperatures and blizzard conditions within hours. This year, three K-Way athletes Nicolette Griffioen, AJ Calitz and Lucky Miya, hit the trails and took podium places – and set a new course record – at the 20th running of this event.

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Young farmer profile

Last week Friday, I had immense fun writing a profile for an industry magazine on a pig farmer, who I met through trail running. He won a provincial Young Farmer of the Year Award and the industry magazine asked him for an article. He gave me a call.

I sent him a few questions, to which he jotted down notes – bullet points – and emailed to me. I turned it into a really super article. I’ll post it here once it has come out in print. Whether you’re in the industry of not, you’ll find it an interesting read.