Adventure Film Challenge 2017

This piece was re-worked from a past release sent to me by my client. I included additional content and gave the whole thing a facelift.


Waterproof, onboard, compact and wearable, the advent of personal point-of-view digital cameras and a wide range of video editing software and apps has enabled adventure aficionados to create films of exceptional quality. Cape Union Mart’s Adventure Film Challenge invites these enthusiasts to submit their films by the end of June for this annual competition. Continue reading


Product-focused release (lifestyle version)

Partner to a product-focused release was this lifestyle version. The client took elements from the product-focused release added their own stuff and returned the piece to me to re-work as lifestyle content – included below. It is interesting to compare the two. Continue reading


Product-focused release

Cape Union Mart asked me to write a product-focused release on their Black Friday Sale, where I needed to pair products with activities.  I’m not quite sure where they are using this.

Continue reading


Salomon Speedcross 4

A release written with a product focus for a retail outlet. I was asked by the client to rework a release issued by the footwear brand and to highlight elements exclusive to the retailer.

It is for good reason that Salomon’s Speedcross mountain running shoe has been the brand’s most successful and distinctive design. Salomon Speedcross 4 hits Cape Union Mart stores this week and for the next three months Cape Union Mart will be the exclusive stockist of the striking Dark Cloud colourway.  Continue reading


Thoughtful activities this Father’s Day

A nice restaurant with a good meal is always nice, but this Father’s Day we recommend a Dad-venture. Get creative and plan something that you can do with your dad for the day or even the whole weekend. Dads include grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles and other men who have made a meaningful impact on your life. Continue reading


Home of the Father’s Day Gift for every type of dad!

A thoughtful Father’s Day gift is not only a present for him, but an invitation to enjoy an adventure with you. A pair of trail shoes says “Come run with me, Dad”, while a warm jacket prompts, “How about that hike we’ve been talking about doing for years?”. The best memories are born from experiences, adventures and time spent with special people. Continue reading