BITanium to present at IBM Software Day

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BITanium presents Netezza products, Composite Software at DAMA SA Vendor Day

BITanium will exhibit at the second annual DAMA SA Vendor Day, which is to be held at the Vodaworld Conference Centre, in Midrand, on Wednesday, 4 May 2011. On show will be BITanium’s Netezza products, as well as its new Composite Software offerings.

“With Netezza established, we’re very excited about bringing our newest product offering, Composite Software, to the South African market,” says Chris O’Connell, BITanium’s Managing Director. “These data virtualisation products simplify hugely complex source systems, speed up development cycles and add speed and flexibility to data delivery.”

Data Management (DAMA) SA Vendor Day is a one-day conference that includes an exhibit hall where vendors showcase new products, and offers guest presentations, data management case studies, practical sessions and expert panels, covering topics around data governance, MDM, BI, semantics and data integration. To register and for more information, visit

BITanium places itself firmly in the business intelligence and data warehousing market. Its insight into the BI sphere is that solution architecture and the underlying information engine is all-important. Given a solid foundation, business intelligence can be deployed to all levels of decision-makers in their chosen delivery mediums.

BITanium and Netezza revolutionise business intelligence

When big math meets big data

Tuesday’s BITanium-Netezza product launch was revolutionary in both presentation and protocol. With a household appliance analogy to introduce attendees to the simplicity of the Netezza TwinFin Data Warehouse and Analytic Appliance and a fascinating presentation by Edcon’s Business Integration Executive, Calvin Low, on results collected during four weeks of comparable tests, the audience – from data warehouse architects to marketers – was captivated.

Data warehousing and business intelligence analytics are rarely associated with simplicity. Just as a washing machine is purpose-built to execute the singular function of high performance clothing cleaning, so the Netezza TwinFin is designed to store and analyse vast quantities of data. And like a washing machine, the Netezza TwinFin is ready-to-go; plug in, load data and begin queries.

As an appliance that really works out-of-the-box, it integrates with all leading ETL, business intelligence and analytic applications through standard database interfaces. Need to wash more laundry and increase speed? Scale up by adding another appliance.

In the retail sector, vast transaction quantities amount to more than rands and cents. These numbers translate into customer purchasing behaviours; what they buy, when, where, how many and how often. This data guides orders, in-store stocks, shelf layout and targeted promotions to refined customer segmentation groups. Netezza was able to join two tables of 36 million and 298 million rows in less than three minutes versus five hours on the incumbent database in an Edcon test; this ability to analyse complex data aggregates is a marketer’s utopia. Accessible high-speed data retrieval and analytics introduce true intelligence to businesses.

“We’d heard about the concept of ‘appliance’ but had no first-hand experience until we signed on to test drive the Netezza system,” says Calvin Low, Business Integration Executive – Edcon Group IT.

“Over four weeks we performed numerous tests on our current system and on Netezza, comparing run times. The results were significant and they motivated our purchase of the appliance. It will solve specific business problems that we’re currently experiencing with further application to other areas of our business, like better understanding customer behaviours so that we can improve our offerings and customer experiences.”

Revolutionising the way the capability of the Netezza TwinFin is demonstrated, BITanium offers prospective clients an on-site ‘Test Drive’ as a proof of concept (POC). The Netezza TwinFin appliance is installed parallel to an existing data warehouse allowing for comparable tests on identical data.

“Our confidence in our product is as great as its performance,” says BITanium’s Managing Director, Chris O’Connell. “We can do this because of Netezza’s simplicity. It took only two days to install the appliance and have it load ready at Edcon and as few new skills were required, Calvin’s team could immediately start using our appliance. The results from their comparable tests speak for themselves – in some cases run times improved by thousands of percent.”

This out-of-the-box Netezza appliance, BITanium’s try-before-you-buy offering and clients who present their experience at a product launch are revolutionary. Unrestricted by limitations of current systems, the Netezza TwinFin simplifies data warehousing, enables advanced analytics in minutes and boosts performance to open a magnitude of business intelligence applications that were previously unimaginable.

Netezza Corporation

Netezza Corporation (NYSE: NZ) is the global leader in data warehouse and analytic appliances that dramatically simplify high-performance analytics across an extended enterprise. Netezza’s technology enables organisations to process enormous amounts of captured data at exceptional speed, providing a significant competitive and operational advantage in today’s data-intensive industries, including digital media, energy, financial services, government, health and life sciences, retail and telecommunications. Netezza is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and has offices in Northern Virginia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Australia and Singapore. For more information about Netezza, please visit


BITanium places itself firmly in the business intelligence and data warehousing market. Our insight into the BI sphere is that the solution architecture and underlying information engine is all-important, and that given a solid foundation, business intelligence can be deployed to all levels of decision-makers in their chosen delivery mediums. At BITanium we bring new insight into how our technical staff wants to be managed, with the result that we deliver high quality services to our customers, with a team of highly motivated and happy staff. This always translates into increased business value in your hands.

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