Expedition Africa in Intrepid Explorer mag

My article on Expedition Africa 2015 featured in the third quarter edition of Intrepid Explorer magazine. Five pages in total; three pages of text. Photographs by Bruce Viaene.

Expedition Africa in Intrepid Explorer 3rd quarter 2015-2


Expedition Africa announces 2015 location

Sibebe Rock, Gobholo Caves, Umhlanga Reed Dance, beehive huts, Malolotja Potholes and the Great Usutu River are words that speak of traditional culture, nature and adventure. They’re also features and attractions that may – or may not – appear along the 500-kilometre race course for the Expedition Africa 2015. Yes, that’s right. Next year Expedition Africa will be staged in the Kingdom of Swaziland.  Continue reading

Expedition Africa 2013 (for DoItNow Magazine)

In the days after Expedition Africa, Cape Town adventure racer Steve Burnett, who was following the race from home, wrote, “For a while I’ve really thought that adventure racing would be the next big thing. That all the roadies who bought mountain bikes, the runners who now do trail events and the triathletes who flock to Xterra are eventually going to look to adventure racing as the next challenge. It seems obvious to me because adventure racing combines outdoors, sport, teamwork and strategy to make up the ultimate event”. Continue reading

Expedition Africa: All you need to know

Expedition Africa starts in exactly a week. While adventure racing is not a classic ‘spectator sport’ with grandstands and big crowds, it is nonetheless exciting to follow online – if you know where to find the information and once you understand the live tracking. Let’s jump into all you need to know about following this race. Continue reading