A recipe for adventure at FEAT

With their 7th event coming up in October, Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks (FEAT) has perfected the recipe for their one-night celebration of adventurers and their expeditions.  Continue reading


Bookings open for annual one-night-only adventure talks event

They’ve climbed mountains, rowed oceans, paddled rivers, run great distances and biked across frozen tundra. Some stayed local to enjoy adventures here at home in South Africa. These are the speakers that take to the stage in October for the 6th edition of this annual short-talks format event.  These are the people that make Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks (FEAT) fascinating. Continue reading

FEAT’s annual adventure celebration

Almost a year has passed since the last Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks (FEAT) evening, where 10 South African adventurers took to the FEAT stage to relate their tales of adventure – in only seven minutes each. This October the audience will again be spellbound as they briefly journey over continents and oceans, up and over mountains, outside our borders and within our own country. Continue reading

On FEAT’s stage

The dust has barely settled on FEAT, which was held little over two weeks ago, and it is again getting whipped into a flurry with the first videos of talks coming out this week. Sitting in edit I thoroughly enjoyed watching the speakers again. Caught up in the excitement of the night there were bits and pieces I missed, so watching the talks again was even better than just re-living the experience because of all the little elements I discovered. Continue reading

Nine seven-minute adventure talks at the 4th FEAT

Instead of the butcher, the baker and the candle-stick maker, the fourth edition of FEAT welcomes a climber, an expedition mountain biker and a stand-up paddleboarder to its stage in October. These are just three of the nine speakers at Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks (FEAT), a one-night event of seven-minute talks by South African adventurers. Continue reading

Ready for an adventure? Prepare [your mind] now.

Every adventure starts as an idea, one that arises from something you’ve seen or heard – an online video or presentation – or from a desire to visit a certain country. Like a snowball rolling down a hill this idea gathers momentum. It becomes tangible through planning and training until – BOOM – you’re on your adventure. A day of hiking, a local weekend mountain-bike tour with friends or paddle lessons… these adventures all begin upstairs – in your mind – with an inspired idea. Continue reading